private yoga and meditation: $65-$85

One-on-one instruction and careful, personal attention for YOUR mind-body type make private sessions with Sarabeth truly valuable. Sessions begin with discussion about personal needs and goals, and include hands-on adjustments and a practice tailored to your precise requirements, whether it be strengthening, stress-reducing, deep stretching, or diving deeper into connection with Self through breathwork and meditation. Virtual sessions available through Zoom calls also.


The healing session: Gentle thai yoga massage, reiki, and guided yoga nidra meditation : $100

Several of the most powerfully healing tools you can access, all in one session. Basic Thai bodywork drops you in to a very relaxed state, where you become more open to receiving guided meditation. Yoga Nidra then slows down your brain waves, healing the nervous system, releasing serotonin, and allowing your body to restore on multiple levels. During your dream-like meditation you will then receive energy healing and transference to help ease pain and move stagnant energy in the body.


self-care and mindset coaching: $75

Are you feeling drained, discouraged, or stuck in life? In a personal, one-on-one setting we will explore tools for purpose-driven and compassionate self-inquiry to begin a journey of healing and growth. Together we’ll discover what’s holding you back from living your best life and fill in the gaps with practices to awaken your highest Self, leaving you feeling more connected, passionate about life, and able to take on challenges with clarity and hope. Based on principles of Yoga Philosophy and Positive Psychology, these practices can change your perception and in turn, your entire life. Remember, we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. Coaching is available in virtual or in-person format and can include guided breathwork, meditation.

This last practice was powerful, purposeful. I was always skeptical of anything spiritual. It’s been so nice to find something that brings me back to that in a way that’s practical and available. I cannot wait to read more, learn more, study yoga more... all of it!”
— Mary A., Alight & Aligned Client

Session times begin at one hour, but can be 75 or 90 minutes per request. For inquiries, please email