"We rarely hear the inward music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless." -Rumi 

Let's hear the music. 





Yoga is so much more than physical. 


Whether you’re here for private yoga or meditation instruction, Mindset and Self Care Coaching, or are just interested in learning more about holistic wellness, I believe you’re here for one reason: you’re ready for mind-body healing. You’re ready for self-discovery.

Yoga is mostly known for its physical benefits through Asana practice, so you may not know this posture practice serves best simply as a gateway of self-inquiry. Yoga is really a deeply therapeutic and healing practice that can change your life. It provides a roadmap to the inner discovery of your soul’s song. The true purpose of yoga is union with your highest Self, and here’s the kicker— most of it happens off your mat.

If you allow it to, this ancient practice has the ability to shift your consciousness, increase your awareness, and light an inner fire, connecting your heart, mind, body, and spirit, in ways you never could have imagined. Alight and Aligned Yoga and Wellness Practices can help put you on a path of self-discovery to show you where you can align more in your life so that you can live more passionately and purposefully.


A life-lover with a passion for compassion.


Sarabeth learned the importance of assisting others in focusing on their strengths while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Central Florida. After seeing how quickly her yoga practice transformed her life, it became her steadfast purpose to share the healing benefits of this practice with everyone in her path.

Her previous work in the social work field and with Give Back Yoga Foundation led her to creating a non-profit helping people navigate through difficult life transitions with the combination of accessible and affordable life coaching and yoga and earned her Lululemon’s ‘Here to Be’ grant in 2018. Sarabeth believes in social justice and equality and that yoga is for EVERY body. She believes we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that with the right lens, we can shift how we perceive our entire existence. She also believes there are no coincidences, only divine timing, and that you’ve come here for a reason: to grow and expand, alight and aligned in ecstatic motion.   

Sarabeth inspires me to be my most mindful self. She taught me not only how to be a better yogi, but how to love myself and others more deeply and wholeheartedly. My practice would not be the same without her.”
— Carley R., Alight & Aligned Client